The VEW Difference

VEW has secure, personal relationships with key media and influencers, globally.  Our experience introducing key spokespeople to the media and keeping them on the reporters’ radar is what makes us so successful.  VEW excels at garnering client’s national media exposure in all media vehicles i.e. newspapers, television, online, radio, influencers and social media. We have the scope and scalability to help clients garner media exposure in each of its markets. Our team develops messaging for each of our client’s media groups, i.e. if a client has a healthcare application, VEW develops media in healthcare, technology and human interest.  We also speak to the reporters daily so our team has a good sense of what they are writing and what they need for sources.

We are a no flash no thrills firm that uses grassroots PR to help introduce its clients to the media; our no-flash all facts PR approach is appreciated with the reporters and is why they will answer our email and take our calls. We have the ability and take the time to develop “creative” media programs that work 
using stories that are trending. We always have active, aggressive follow-up on every press release and pitch.

VEW clients have been placed in every major publication globally including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Associated Press, CNBC, USA Today, to name a few.