About VEW

VEW Media specializes in understanding what makes a company unique and helps them achieve the exposure they deserve. Our programs are simple, effective and designed to increase an organization’s visibility. VEW campaigns include a number of public relations tactics that garner our clients the publicity needed to help sell their products and services. Most public relations firms will tell you that PR is about relationships. At VEW, we believe it is about telling relevant news stories that journalists want to cover. We have relationships, but our experience shows it is how we tell your story that counts, not who we know.

Our public relations methods are “old school” and they work. Quite simply, we balance creative idea generation with a strict focus on pro-active media relations. Our 18+ year history includes every type of company imaginable – from major financial corporations to a winter sled to a yo-yo. We have placed our undiscovered investment manager on the biggest financial show in the U.S. and an unknown product on The Rachel Ray Show. In addition one Louisiana doctor became internationally known by working with us on a procedure and appearing on Good Morning America. Our goal for every client is media recognition that will increase your exposure and drive sales. No goal is too small.