PR has become an intricate process in the promotion of a service, good or idea. #PublicRelations tied with social media is the leading force for most people in promoting themselves. It is typically needed in the beginning stages of a business to help generate funding, to build up a consumer want or need and to help a business grow, but the issue is people do not understand how PR works for them and how it can be beneficial.

Many people want to group #PR into Advertising and marketing, but it is truly its own separate support in the world of promoting. It is a way to communicate your key messaging out to the masses, by third party channels. It takes skill and understanding of media in order for the messaging to be precise and helpful. PR also takes a great deal of educating and follow up to be done effectively.

An effective campaign should start with a solid understanding of the competition, the industry, your ideal customer, and an understanding of where that customer is getting his information. It is also important to have a PR firm who understand the media that they will be pitching. Having a solid relationship with a writer, editor, producer or host to pitch makes all the difference when pitching.

If your PR team is effective you will see media which develops in a “domino effect” each month. The first few months you will see a few write ups, interviews and from there you should see regular write ups and placements. The media placements will continue to build and brand you over time. Public relations, like most good things, takes time to build. With proper nurturing and continuous push it will continue to produce media.

Veronica Welch is co-founder and owner of CWR & Partners, LLP. a public relations firm with clients all over the globe. Veronica and her team have helped clients successfully tell their story to their local media, national media and when needed to the global media platform. CWR which started in the summer of 2001 has had its clients on every major news source. Some examples of these media outlets are; The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, The USA Today and many major local pubs/outlets, just to name few.