Since the recent crypto explosion, there are thousands of new blockchain companies offering a new token and a new technology. With so many different companies in this space, it makes it difficult and overwhelming for investors and consumers to learn more about them. This is where a solid public relations company comes in and helps to differentiate its clients from everyone else. Using a tiered media platform, a public relations firm can help its clients garner media attention in all media, from global mainstream media outlets, down to trade pubs.

Standing out in a crowd of “like companies” is not easy. A good PR practitioner understands how to engage their media connections to shine a light on their clients and get them noticed. Once a company starts to garner media attention it then creates a domino effect of interest from other reporters as well as investors. The continuous pitching to the media after a few published articles helps to elevate the client even more.

Many think that pay-for-play media attention in publications will create the attention they need and deserve. However, paying for a few placements here and there will not provide the long-term media attention that is needed to help a company sustain its audience. True media relations help to leverage the company into the spotlight and keeps them above all competition.